The ECA is comprised of stakeholders from all levels of the early childhood system and is representative of the key areas of early childhood development (health, early learning, and family supports).

The ECA will design and oversee a coordinated strategy to create an integrated local system of early childhood care and family support services. The ECA has committees to help shape the strategic planning process and implementation of the strategic plan. Membership of the committees includes ECA members as well as other interested stakeholders from the community. All are welcome to be part of the ECA committees.

The ECA was launched in 2015 after it was recommended in the 2013-2014 Onondaga Citizens League study entitled, Early Childhood and School Readiness, Creating a Community Where All Children Thrive by Five.

To learn more about the findings and recommendations from the Onondaga Citizens League study view the full report below.

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To get involved, contact the ECA: