Women United is a network of women focused on providing opportunities for women to learn, discuss important issues, understand challenges facing women and explore ways to have collective impact.

Women United brings together women in the private business sector and the not-for-profit sector in order to maximize impact.

Members of Women United partner with United Way of Central New York to advocate, fundraise, volunteer and serve as a resource for those endeavoring to solve community issues and create opportunities that make it possible for everyone to thrive.

Women United members are committed to ensuring that women and girls who face challenges can meet their needs; everyone has a quality education and the necessary training for success; children and adults are healthy; and people can rise out of poverty.

Membership Benefits

Network with other Women United members
Leadership and Community Education Series
Opportunities to volunteer as a group and have collective impact

Membership Criteria

Minimum of $250 annual donation directly to United Way of Central New York’s Community Program Fund

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