Salvation Army

Barnabas Residential

Barnabas Residential provides emergency shelter, transitional housing and rental assistance for runaway and homeless youth and young adults, ages 16-24 years old. Services for youth are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to these unique housing components, Barnabas Residential offers case management, independent living skills, employment readiness activities, leadership preparation, community/volunteer service and recreation. Barnabas Residential is certified by the NYS Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS). Barnabas Residential has three distinctly different types of housing programs for transitional age youth, capable of meeting the “readiness” level of any youth accessing services: Emergency Shelter, Transitional Apartments, and Rapid Rehousing Rental Assistance.

Booth House

Booth House is an emergency shelter and respite program for runaway, homeless and high-risk youth, ages 12-17 years old. The program provides more than 200 youth each year with immediate housing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to emergency housing, Booth House offers a variety of crisis services including an alternative to juvenile justice detention, planned respite, family mediation, case management, homebound schooling, living skills and recreation activities. Booth House is certified by the NYS Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS). Located in the City of Syracuse on Midland Avenue, Booth House is a large, comfortable 15-bed home situated in a residential neighborhood.

Emergency Family Shelter

The Salvation Army Emergency Family Shelter provides temporary emergency housing to homeless families of any configuration including extended families, caregiver-lead families, single men with children, families with adolescent male children and single pregnant women. Crisis counseling, comprehensive social work services to families in shelter as well as families temporarily housed in a hotel and linkages to mainstream and community resources are provided to help families secure and maintain permanent housing.

Women’s Shelter

The Salvation Army Women’s Shelter is a fifteen bed shelter for homeless, single women with at least one serious and persistent mental health diagnosis, often with co-occurring substance use disorders. Currently there is a two bedroom transitional apartment which functions as a semi-independent setting for clients waiting for permanent housing. The shelter meets all basic needs, provides intensive case management services and conducts various assessments including mental health and housing vulnerability (needs) assessments to assist in making referrals to appropriate independent or supportive housing. In addition to housing, referrals and linkages are provided for needed services such as inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment, aftercare coordination, and financial resources. In January of 2018, the Women’s Shelter will relocate to a new facility. This is being developed in partnership with Housing Visions and will be a fully accessible shelter with 15 beds and an additional 16 Permanent Supportive Apartments on the upper 3 floors. The addition of the apartments will allow women who need a supported living environment to experience the benefit of 24 hour staff support and case management as they transition from homelessness to permanent housing.