Catholic Charities

Refugee Youth and Family Support Program

The Refugee Youth and Family Support Program (RYFS) is a comprehensive youth development program serving refugee children and teens. The program offers orientation to the American school system, academic enrichment, leadership development, and support services. Each year, approximately 450 refugee children from around the world begin new lives in the city of Syracuse. The objectives of this program are to prepare refugee youth for academic success, to assist their integration into the community, and to facilitate progress of refugee youth toward a high school degree. The RYFS Program has provided services for 25 years.

Refugee Resettlement Program

The Refugee Resettlement Program welcomes men, women, and children to the United States when they are forced to flee their own countries because of war, oppression, or persecution. In 2016, the largest resettlement populations were from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, and Somalia. Despite the hardships inherent in the forced migration experience, refugees are extremely motivated people who want to be self-supporting. The Refugee Resettlement Program strives to provide newly arriving refugees with a safe place to start a new life and with the skills and supports necessary to achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment.