ACR Health

Q Center

The Q Center provides services, activities and supports for LGBTQ youth, parents/caregivers and families of LGBTQ children, and children of LGBTQ parents. We offer weekly and semi-monthly support groups for LGBTQ youth/young adults and parents of LGBTQ youth; an afterschool program offering GED assistance, experienced tutors, a state-of-the-art cyber center, an LGBTQ inclusive library, and semi-annual scholarships; nutrition education and assistance; alcohol and substance free social activities; a rapid rehousing program including rental assistance, security deposits and emergency financial assistance; testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV, and Hepatitis C; mental health assessments, counseling and referrals; LGBTQ-centered case management; school-based Gay-Straight Alliance support; LGBTQ Cultural Competency workshops for providers; and leadership and advocacy training for LGBTQ young people.