Gifts-In-Kind program is the community’s in-kind connection center. We help businesses find new uses for unwanted equipment and inventory, and help agencies find the items they need to do their work.!

We are also the regional partner of Gifts In Kind International, a non-profit organization that works in communities around the globe, linking charities to in-kind donations from a wide variety of sources. We also partner with the Compassion Coalition and the National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources.

Gifts-in-Kind for Non-Profits

Qualified organizations* can join Gifts-In-Kind and gain access to donated products from local companies and Gifts In Kind International. Donations vary, but almost always include computer equipment, toys, household and office supplies, clothing, and personal products from a variety of retail companies.

*Qualified organizations include 501(c)(3) qualified nonprofits, Indian Reservations, and tax-exempt educational organizations.

Membership and Benefits

Membership and Benefits

Local non-profits can join Gifts-In-Kind through United Way of CNY for an annual membership fee of $100. The membership entitles you to:

  • Receive donated items from local businesses at no cost to you. Ranging from computers to clothing, these gifts will help you better serve your clients.
  • Receive The Gifts In Kind International Catalogue for a small fee, featuring gifts donated by national and international corporations.
  • Order items from Gifts In Kind International at very reduced prices*.
  • Receive our monthly list of locally-donated items.

Items from Gifts In Kind International are available to local members either at a very reduced price or for an administrative processing fee:

Administrative fees:

The donated product is free, but you pay some of the cost for shipping and handling.

Reduced prices:

These expensive products are not available as free donations, but are offered at a highly reduced price to Gifts In Kind International members. In this case, you will pay the reduced price but no administrative fee.


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Gifts-in-Kind for Businesses

A few good reasons to give to Gifts-In-Kind…
  • Tax savings up to twice the typical value of donated products.*
  • Free customized management of your donation program.
  • Reduction of inventory handling and reverse logistics costs.
  • Positive public recognition.
  • Support for the communities where you do business.

*Subject to current tax law. Consult your tax advisor.

If you have items you no longer need or if you want to donate professional services, call United Way’s Gifts-In-Kind. We’ll make sure your in-kind gift is put to work helping our community. We can help you place any of these in-kind gifts:

  • Equipment and furniture
  • Extra inventory
  • Professional services
  • Targeted gifts

When you make an in-kind gift, you are entitled to receive all the tax credits allowed by law. And you can take pride in knowing your gifts have found a good home and made a real difference. If you’re located in or near Onondaga County NY, you can easily make donations through United Way of Central New York’s Gifts-In-Kind service. Just call Bob Frateschi at 315-428-2223.

For more information on Gifts-In-Kind just call Bob:

Bob Frateschi

Gifts-In-Kind Coordinator