The following are instructions for the submission of required Program and Agency Reports to the United Way for the 2014 – 2017 funding cycle.  Please share this information with the appropriate staff within your agency.

Semi-Annual Reports due January 31st by 4:30 pm:          PROGRAMS ONLY
Annual Reports due July 31st by 4:30 pm:     AGENCY AND PROGRAMS
If either of these days falls on a weekend, reports are due on the next business day.

To begin, please remember the following changes in procedures from prior cycles:

Effective with the submission of the Annual Reports due July 31, 2015:

The Submittable narrative report forms will now ask for an ID code for your agency and each of your programs. Information about the unique Identification Codes was distributed to the agencies in June 2015.

  • Reports will be submitted using the online platform (the same one that was used for the submission of Agency & Program applications and Semi-Annual Reports).
  • Hard copies of the reports DO NOT need to be sent or delivered to the UWCNY. The online submission through Submittable will suffice.
  • Agency Reports will be submitted once per year (i.e. the semi-annual Agency Report was eliminated). In addition, the Agency Income & Expense spreadsheets are no longer required.  Program reports are still required twice per year.
  • The dead-line for the submission of year-end Annual Program and Annual Agency Reports has been moved to July 31st (previously August 15th).


Submission of Annual Agency and Program Reports (due July 31, 2015)

This email contains attachments for the following:

  • a pdf list of your unique Agency and Program Identification Codes
  • a template for the Cover Sheet/Signature page (note that a signature page is required for the Agency Report and each of the Program Reports)
  • Excel workbooks for each of your Programs (these include tabs at the bottom of the workbooks for the Outputs, Outcomes, Client Demographics, Program Proposed Income, Program Proposed Expense, Program Actual Income, and, Program Actual Expense)
  • Note:  you will be prompted in the Agency Narrative and the Program Narrative forms where to upload the completed Cover Sheet and Excel Workbooks


The following is the link to the reporting forms in Submittable

  • This link will take you to the United Way page in Submittable where there is a prompt to create a USER ACCOUNT or, to SIGN IN if you already have a user account with Submittable from earlier submissions (i.e. your application submission and your Semi-Annual Program Report).
  • The link will then take you to the General Guidelines page.  When you scroll down from these Guidelines, you will see the links to the AGENCY Report forms and the PROGRAM Report forms.  Click “ENTER” and be sure to read the Guidelines specific to the form before starting to fill it out.
  • Remember, the information in the General Guide lines is very helpful and will help to eliminate the need to re-do your work…note the sections on Saving Your Work; When the Report is Ready for Submission; Printing Your Report

For example, it is strongly recommended that you create a Word document on your computer where you can draft the answers to the questions and then copy and paste them into the appropriate form when you are ready to submit.  This provides a back-up in case your information is lost, or, inadvertently submitted prior to completion.

Please contact Doug Mouncey at 315.428.2229 or with any questions.