The goal of the Keeping Kids Safe Initiative is to raise awareness of the warning signs of possible child abuse and empower people across our community to act as advocates for the safety and well being of children.

In eight out of ten reported cases of abuse, the offender is an authority figure whom the child knows and trusts. Child abuse occurs in all segments of our society and most often occurs in the family home. The risk of abuse is greater in homes where:
• Alcohol or drugs are abused
• Families are having serious economic, housing, or personal problems
• Families are isolated

Family members and teachers are frequently the first to observe the warning signs of abuse, but we all should be aware of the symptoms. This guide was designed to provide information that can empower neighbors, friends, and family members to take action when abuse is suspected. Often, members of the community surrounding the child can help parents and caregivers find the services they need to reduce family stress or promptly contact professionals who can intervene on the child’s behalf.

This guide will help you recognize the signs of possible abuse and provide information about the resources available to support children and families. Our community has many supports to help families with the stressors that can lead to abuse.

Keeping Kids Safe Resource Guide

Keeping Kids Safe Poster (English)

Keeping Kids Safe Poster (Spanish)

Keeping Kids Safe Flyer (English)

Keeping Kids Safe Flyer (Spanish)