ACR Health

Adolescent Health Initiative $12,500

The Adolescent Health Initiative is a comprehensive pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention program targeting youth between the ages of 13-21. The purpose of the program is to reduce the incidence of adolescent pregnancy and STDs through proven, high impact prevention strategies and innovative interventions targeting youth at risk for unplanned pregnancy and STDs. The program provides comprehensive, evidence-based sexual health education for teens, parent/caregiver education, and accurate information about sexual and reproductive health care and local family planning services available to young people. There are no associated costs for services provided through the Adolescent Health Initiative.


Onondaga Overdose Prevention $18,000

Onondaga Overdose Prevention is a certified opioid overdose prevention service through NYS Department of Health. The program teaches community members how to recognize the signs of an opiate overdose and how to respond using a naloxone (Narcan) rescue kit. During the education session, participants learn about the trends of drug use and overdose in our community and the many resources we have available for treatment and support. They are also offered direct referrals to other services such as insurance enrollment; healthcare; and case management. The education session combined with the distribution of naloxone results directly in lives saved.


Q Center $27,000

The Q Center provides services, activities and supports for LGBTQ youth, parents/caregivers and families of LGBTQ children, and children of LGBTQ parents. We offer weekly and semi-monthly support groups for LGBTQ youth/young adults and parents of LGBTQ youth; an afterschool program offering GED assistance, experienced tutors, a state-of-the-art cyber center, an LGBTQ inclusive library, and semi-annual scholarships; nutrition education and assistance; alcohol and substance free social activities; a rapid rehousing program including rental assistance, security deposits and emergency financial assistance; testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV, and Hepatitis C; mental health assessments, counseling and referrals; LGBTQ-centered case management; school-based Gay-Straight Alliance support; LGBTQ Cultural Competency workshops for providers; and leadership and advocacy training for LGBTQ young people.


Aurora of CNY

Community Living Skills for People with Vision/Hearing Loss $70,000

Aurora’s Community Living Skills Program for People with Vision/Hearing Loss assists individuals of all ages who are blind, visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing to remain independent, safe and productive in their homes and the community by providing support, resources and specialized training. Program participants learn skills for coping, adjustment to sensory loss, safe travel, household management and activities of daily living to achieve their goals of independence and overall personal health and well-being.


Catholic Charities

Better Beginnings $25,000

The Better Beginnings program is a specialized parent/child therapy program serving parents diagnosed with chronic mental health problems who are experiencing difficulties parenting their children five years old and under. Home-based services aim at engaging chaotic and traumatized parents who previously have not successfully participated in mental health treatment. Since 1987, this program has provided evidence-based individual and family therapy in conjunction with child development and parent education. Program goals include fostering improved day-to-day parent functioning and more consistent and positive parenting (bonding, decreasing the likelihood of child trauma and mental illness, and preventing foster care and adult hospitalization).


Elderly Services $23,000

Through Catholic Charities of Onondaga County (CCOC) Elderly Services programs, senior citizens will receive the skills and services necessary to remain living independently. Since 1977, the Elderly Services programs have assisted Onondaga County residents, 60 years and older, by providing a continuum of interventions beginning with information and referral and progressing to case management, transportation, home repairs, and volunteer opportunities. Staff meets with seniors to assess their needs and provide services. Socialization, nutrition, and exercise programs are provided at the agency’s senior center encouraging seniors to improve their quality of life and take advantage of the opportunity to meet with staff for individualized needs.


Parent Education $45,000

The Parent Education program provides a continuum of home-visiting services (i.e., Parent Aide) and curriculum-based instruction to parents whose children are at risk of or have been placed in foster care due to abuse and neglect. Using evidence-based curriculum in both the home and classroom, program staff teaches parenting and living skills. Parents learn about child development, age-appropriate expectations, appropriate disciplinary practices, and how to maintain a safe environment. They are also linked to natural community resources to reduce isolation. The objective is to increase the parents’ mastery so they can create an environment where children are safe, nurtured, and achieve physical and emotional well-being.


Psychotherapy Program $68,000

The Psychotherapy Program provides accessible, community-based mental health services for individuals with mental health challenges resulting in chaotic lives, unproductive behaviors, and an inability to manage life stresses. For 41 years, service has been devoted to individuals and families within Onondaga County who can’t afford mental health treatment. Special attention has been devoted to trauma survivors, refugees, and the homeless. Many are unemployed or underemployed, without health insurance, or have high deductibles that prohibit the use of insurance for service. Professional, evidence-based therapeutic interventions are offered to individuals and families seeking improved functioning and new skills to enhance daily life.


Center for Community Alternatives

Alternatives: A Violence Prevention and Peer Leadership Program $35,000

The Alternatives Program provides violence prevention training, leadership development, and stipends for Violence Prevention Peer Facilitators. The target population is youth at risk of school dropout and the “school to prison pipeline.” The program is part of CCA’s After School Alternatives program, at the Public Service Leadership Academy at Fowler High School and coordinates with CCA’s Student Advocate and Transition Coach programs. The program provides youth with opportunities to understand personal triggers that lead to violent behavior and how to control them; to learn communication skills and to participate in team building activities; and to teach these skills to their peers at youth-serving community organizations.


Contact Community Services

Crisis Intervention Services $57,000

Crisis Interventions Services (CIS) provides a 24-hour suicide and crisis counseling line, crisis chat and telecare, a reassurance line to support the personal safety and well-being of homebound individuals. The 24-hour counseling support and crisis intervention assists individuals in crisis and/or in need of emotional support to develop a personal plan to manage and/or prevent future crisis. CIS also provides 24-hour 211 information and referral for human services, basic needs and mental health and after-hours telephone support for thirteen mental health clinics and human services agencies in our community.


Suicide-Safer Community Project $12,500

Building a suicide-safer community requires the engagement, awareness and vigilance of schools, public and private organizations and individuals. The Suicide-safer Community Project provides evidence-based suicide prevention workshops that teach participants how to recognize warning signs, ask appropriate questions and make referrals; intervention training that teaches how to assist in a suicidal crisis; and postvention training that teaches how to promote healing and reduce risk. Contact will also be the lead for the Onondaga County Suicide Prevention Coalition (OCSPC) to bring agencies and community members together around suicide. The program increases public awareness of suicide, its warning signs and local resources through media messages and educational materials.


Elmcrest Children’s Center

Family Transitions Program $68,000

The Family Transitions Program provides community based treatment to children and families in Onondaga County who have been affected by sexual abuse. Given the cyclic nature of sexual abuse, our work with children and families is unique in that, in addition to treating the child who displayed sexually harmful behavior, we are in tandem examining the family system, and identifying/targeting interventions to address environmental or external factors that have the potential to perpetuate patterns abuse. Subsequently, treatment may include the involvement of parents, caregivers, natural supports, siblings, relatives, and victims. It is through this process that we have had the ability to be proactive in our efforts, and identify and intervene with other children whose behaviors are sexually problematic, before they become abusive or experience victimization. This program has the capacity to serve 72 children/families.


Exceptional Family Resources

Family Respite Services $21,000

Family Respite Services provide reliable, quality care for individuals with a developmental disability and their siblings, giving their caregivers a much needed break (respite) from the challenges and stress of caring for a family member with special needs. Respite helps keep families together by supporting the caregiver and giving them an opportunity to pause from the daily challenges which arise when caring for a person with a disability, while also providing fun and meaningful activities for their children. Family respite services is unique to Onondaga County in that it provides care to all of the children in the home, not just the child with a disability at no cost to the family. Medicaid services do not allow care for all the children and many of the families may not be enrolled in Medicaid services yet.


Hillside Children’s Center

Family Preservation Initiative $24,000

Hillside Children’s Center’s Family Preservation Initiative (FPI) is a short-term, intensive clinical service designed to help build strength, resources and supports for families in crisis. Our program aims to stabilize families, to keep youth from being placed in foster care, and to promote family reunification by helping youth return home from foster care. FPI partners with families to identify and create supportive permanent connections, knowing that families and youth who feel connected to others have a greater chance of achieving sustainable success. We also connect families with other community services that help the family to maintain safety and stability.


Huntington Family Centers

HOPE (Huntington Observation & Parent Education) $30,000

The HOPE (Huntington Observation and Parent Education) Program is a family reunification program providing supervised visitation with pre/post counseling for parents with children in foster care. HOPE offers structured feedback, curriculum based instruction, and ongoing support to achieve permanency. Services are provided to expedite reunification whenever possible and can include short term aftercare services following the child’s discharge from foster care. HOPE is a component of the Integrated Visitation Services Partnership (Family Place) which includes the Department of Children and Family Services, Salvation Army, Huntington Family Centers, and Catholic Charities.


InterFaith Works

Mental Health Support Program $32,000

InterFaith Works’ (IFW) Mental Health Support Program (MHS) provides vulnerable refugee individuals and families with culturally appropriate mental and emotional health support. Services include assessment, individual and family counseling, home visits, and guided psychiatric referrals. Trained mental health interpreters and peer helpers are present throughout the treatment process for refugee clients with limited English language proficiency.


Senior Services Program $20,000

Our Senior Services Program trains volunteers to serve vulnerable older adults in Onondaga County. For 30 years, our Senior Companion Program has recruited low-income seniors to be volunteer companions for vulnerable older adults, providing them crucial support to maintain their independence. The program is the only free service of its kind in our area; companions receive a stipend for their service. Our One-to-One program places volunteers to serve as friendly visitors to isolated elders in nursing homes – these residents have no family, faith community, or friendship circle nearby. There are no requirements to be a One-to-One volunteer.


McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center

Human Trafficking $18,000

Human Trafficking, like other global issues, is a crime that impacts all communities. This Human Trafficking proposal provides services targeting sexually exploited youth ages 12-17. The program will offer intensive case management and advocacy services, which includes assessment, planning, and referrals; coordination of a multi-disciplinary team and; promotion of community awareness about sexual exploitation of children, including identification and referral. The integrated continuum of service will respond to youth through crisis counseling, street outreach, case-management provision of safe shelter, transitional living services, life skills training, discharge planning, and aftercare.


Salvation Army

Barnabas Center $34,000

Barnabas Center provides runaway, homeless and high-risk youth and young adults (ages 12-24) with a variety of non-residential services including case management, gang intervention, street outreach, pregnancy prevention, independent living skills, youth leadership activities, educational assistance, employment training and recreation. Barnabas Center is a safe supportive environment where high-risk youth receive the type of support that provides the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to successfully transition disconnected youth from childhood to young adulthood. Youth are encouraged to continually build and refine their strength-based assets, gaining the poise and perspective to achieve their personal life goals.


Family Place $80,000

Family Place provides a continuum of services to birth parents and their children who are in foster care. Program components include comprehensive clinical assessment, supervised visitation, transportation of children to and from visits, parent coaching, and pre- and post-visit clinical counseling. Services are also designed to assist parents in making significant changes that will enable family reunification so children can return home safely from foster care. Additionally, parent education and coaching is focused on helping parents assist their children in meeting developmental milestones. Family Place serves complex families who struggle with chronic poverty, persistent mental health issues, cognitive delays, substance abuse, domestic/family violence and sexual abuse.


Preventive Services Program $153,000

The Preventive Services Program provides intensive in-home support services to families whose children are at-risk of foster care placement because of an indicated child abuse or neglect report, or are at imminent risk of abuse or neglect. Clients are often economically disadvantaged and impacted by issues such as domestic violence, homelessness, mental health, and substance abuse. The primary objective is to prevent foster care placement by providing supportive services to families which enable their children to remain safely at home. This is done through supportive case management, parent education, and ongoing assessment of safety and risk. The prevention of abuse, neglect and foster care placement also targets community and social health issues for children such as school achievement and social and emotional development.


Senior Services – Social Day $45,000

The Salvation Army Senior Services provides a continuum of community-based non-residential services to help eligible adults and seniors maintain a high degree of independence, reduce isolation, with the main focus on keeping individuals in the community. The Salvation Army Senior Services department is comprised of several different programs, including the senior day center, community outreach, and within the last two years the addition of the Pathways to Independence program which supports individuals transitioning from nursing homes to community settings. The senior center serves well and frail seniors as well as older adults with developmental disabilities. The outreach programs serve individuals age 60 and over. The Pathways to Independence program serves older adults as well as adults with disabilities. The programs refer to each other allowing The Salvation Army to provide a continuum of services for individuals by offering case management, support and advocacy services, housing assistance which are all designed to provide adults with developmental disabilities, adults with disabilities, and older adults and their caregivers with linkages to mainstream and community-based resources. All of the programs are designed with the goal of maximizing levels of physical and emotional health and well-being.


Specialized Counseling Services $24,000

Specialized Counseling Services is a unique blend of therapeutic interventions that will meet the needs of a targeted population of families and individuals not served elsewhere in the community. Counselors work in diverse community settings designed to provide a variety of counseling, rehabilitation, and support services. Scope of practice included work with children, adolescents, adults, or families that have multiple issues, such as mental health disorders and addiction, disability and employment needs, school problems or career counseling needs, and trauma. Treatment modalities include Functional Family Therapy (FFT), for families with adolescents who are struggling with emotional and behavioral problems and Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM) for domestic violence counseling. Clients have the option of receiving services in their home or a clinic office setting.


Transitional Apartments & Parenting Center (TAPC) $40,000

The TAPC is a 24-unit apartment and parenting center, providing long-term transitional housing and non-residential services for pregnant and parenting young women, ages 16-21 (including their dependent infants and toddlers). For a quarter of a century, TAPC youth have benefited from supportive housing, case management, parenting and living skills classes, pregnancy preventive, employment readiness and assistance with maintaining school enrollment. The TAPC offers a caring home-like environment where young women receive 24-hour supervision, crisis intervention, advocacy and counseling, assistance with medical appointments, recreation, socialization and licensed daycare services. The combination of these daily supports and critical interventions create a comprehensive approach that breaks the cycle of poverty and homelessness for these young families.


Syracuse Jewish Family Service

AgeWise Care $20,000

AgeWise Care is an accessible, comprehensive system integrating the complex forms of assistance many older adults need to age safely and with maximum independence and wellbeing. Based on a holistic approach combining care management, and emotional, cognitive, behavioral and social support and education, AgeWise Care avoids barriers of stigma, mobility and cost to help older adults and their families enter the program in the way that feels comfortable and relevant to them: screening and assessment; care planning and coordination; information and referral; personal affairs assistance; benefits and service coordination; family liaison and support; transportation; home-delivered meals; an early memory loss program, and therapeutic counseling and psychoeducational programming.


Syracuse Northeast Community Center

Senior Support 24,000

SNCC proudly promotes healthy and independent lifestyles while caring for older adults through our accessible Senior Program. SNCC has assisted seniors in maintaining autonomous control over their lives by providing direct services and social experiences in and outside of our neighborhood-based Community Center. Senior Support, one of SNCC’s core organizational values, helps older adults stay active and live independently by providing nutritious meals, group exercise, outdoor recreation and community field trips. This program also provides free point-to-point transportation to the grocery store, to medical appointments, or to other errand locations, case management services, and other various programming opportunities.


Vera House

Adult & Youth Counseling Program $60,000

The Vera House Adult and Youth Counseling Program provides specialized clinical intervention and treatment to children, adolescents, adults, and families impacted by sexual and/or domestic violence, addressing both short-term crisis needs and longer-term personal and family effects of trauma at no charge to clients. This program uses a multi-disciplinary approach to provide individual, family, and group therapy by a team of master’s level clinicians specializing in trauma treatment.


Youth Prevention & Education Program $36,000

The Vera House Youth Prevention & Education Program is a primary prevention program with the goal of challenging young people’s attitudes about dating and sexual violence while increasing their knowledge and skills to prevent or avoid abuse, and build healthy relationships. It includes age appropriate and culturally relevant content about dating and domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, family violence, bullying, becoming an empowered bystander and healthy relationships for youth ages 3-21. The program also includes a peer leadership component for middle and high school age students.


Westcott Community Center

Westcott Senior Services $25,000

Westcott Community Center offers comprehensive programming to support the health and well-being of senior citizens in order for them to stay active and healthy, connect with others, and maintain their independence. Through a variety of activities—such as daily nutritious lunches, exercise classes, health and wellness information, socialization activities, transportation for appointments and shopping, and referrals—the Westcott CC offers a multitude of opportunities that promote and support healthy aging.