Access CNY

Provisions $18,000

Provisions Bakery and Restaurant is a transitional employment placement which provides supported employment to adults who have been labeled with a mental health diagnosis. People learn transferable work skills in a valued community setting while earning minimum wage. Trainees work in an attractive, competitive business setting where they gain experience as cooks, bakers, dishwashers, janitors, waiters and counter people. Their experience enables them to develop the work skills and interpersonal skills they need in order to obtain and maintain competitive employment in the community. Equally, if not more important, work at Provisions becomes part of each trainee’s recovery process, helping each individual to recognize their abilities and potential for growth, and thereby restoring hope despite any diagnosis they may have.


ACR Health

Rapid Rehousing for LGBT Youth $12,500

The Rapid Rehousing for LGBTQ Youth program targets LGBTQ youth ages 18-24 experiencing chronic homelessness, as defined by HUD. The program provides rental subsidies for up to 24 months, security deposits, emergency financial assistance, moving assistance and supportive case management. The Housing Case Manager helps youth identify housing based on their unique needs, preferences, and financial resources; deal with issues that may inhibit access to housing (credit, debt, legal issues); and negotiate manageable and appropriate lease agreements with landlords. Youth have access to Independent Living Skills workshops focused on budgeting, employment, education, nutrition, landlord relations and healthcare.


Safety First Health Outreach Project (SFHOP) $33,000

The Safety First Health Outreach Project (SFHOP) conducts street and web-based outreach to high risk populations and engages those individuals in services based on the needs they personally identify. SFHOP is a mobile program, meeting the community and consumers where they are at, and offers a spectrum of prevention services, including: individual risk reduction assessment and counseling; rapid testing for HIV, viral hepatitis C (HCV), and syphilis; STD screening for gonorrhea and chlamydia; and syringe exchange services.


American Red Cross

Disaster Service & Preparedness Training/Ready CNY $72,000

Disasters strip innocent people of their essential needs, including food, clothing, shelter, and comfort. In order to better prepare our community, the American Red Cross’s Disaster Services and Preparedness Training will address all aspects of the disaster cycle by: 1) educating citizens and organizations on preemptive measures that can be taken to alleviate the effects of disaster; 2) creating new preparedness programs; 3) continuing to provide immediate, direct assistance for victims of disaster; and 4) engaging government, community response personnel, and non-profit agencies to ensure an coordinated effort to respond to a disaster.


Services to the Armed Forces $12,500

The American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) provides programs for our military, veterans and their families that begin at enlistment, continue through active service, and through life after the military, providing emergency communication services, family service and hospital support. Though this continuum of caring, the Red Cross maintains its over 135 year commitment to help our service men and women at their time of need.



Crisis Management & Prevention Service (CMPS) $13,000

ARISE’s Crisis Management & Prevention Service assist people with low income who are of any age with any type of disabilities in resolving an immediate crisis, and provides one-on-one support to strengthen skills, obtain resources, and develop a plan to maximize independence and prevent future crises. The program focuses on creating understanding of the various benefits available, teaching self-advocacy skills, assistance with applying for and securing benefits and income supports, and helping maintain those benefits and supports that allow people to live independently in our community.


Employment Services $15,000

ARISE’s Employment Services assist people with disabilities in obtaining and retaining competitive employment through vocational assessment; comprehensive work readiness education and skill building activities; job search skill building and assistance; and job placement and retention services, including ongoing Job Coaching when needed. In addition, ARISE’s Employment Services focus on increasing disability awareness; building and maintaining relationships with local employers; assisting employers in taking advantage of wage and on-the-job training subsidies, tax credits, and other work incentives; and designing “win-win” situations for the employer and the person hired.


Aurora of CNY

Vocational and Employment Services Program $28,000

AURORA’s Vocational and Employment Services Program equips youth and adults with vision or hearing loss or both with the skills to secure and maintain educational and vocational success.  This program provides specialized job readiness and vocational skill building through  pre-vocational (soft-skills) and assistive technology training, pre-college preparation and career exploration and work readiness workshops and training, in an experiential, community-based context that specifically addresses the unique needs of workers with vision or hearing loss.


Catholic Charities

Coordinated Services for Homeless Men $48,500

Homelessness remains a serious issue in the Syracuse community, especially among individuals with disabilities and mental health diagnoses. As a result of the Coordinated Services for Homeless Men program, individuals have a safe place to sleep at night as well as access to the services and supports that can assist them in obtaining a place to call home. The program serves approximately 900 people each year who struggle with poverty, substance abuse issues, inadequate daily living skills, and even domestic violence.  CCOC has provided homeless shelter services for 36 years.
Coordinated Services for Homeless Women & Families $63,500

Homelessness is a serious issue in the Syracuse community, especially among individuals with disabilities and mental health diagnoses.  As a result of the Coordinated Services for Homeless Women and Families program, individuals and families have a safe place to sleep at night as well as access to the services and supports that can assist them in obtaining a place to call home. The program serves approximately 475 people each year who struggle with poverty, substance abuse issues, inadequate daily living skills, and domestic violence.
Culinary Arts for Self-Sufficiency (CASS) $48,000

Through the Culinary Arts for Self-Sufficiency (CASS) program, unemployed individuals lacking job skills will be trained, certified to work in a commercial kitchen, and assisted in finding employment. CASS is a five-week vocational training program focusing on the essential skills of the food service industry combined with soft skill classes and access to employment specialists who provide job coaching, placement assistance, and support services during and after the program. The program, which once focused on the refugee population, has expanded to include native-born individuals facing high barriers to employment. The objective is to decrease the number of unemployed individuals by helping them acquire job skills that are in demand in the local community.


Emergency Assistance Services $47,500

CCOC’s Emergency Assistance Services (CCEAS) responds to a variety of crisis situations faced by individuals and families every day in the community. At its Downtown Syracuse office, program staff are available to clients on a walk-in basis or through referrals from many other public and private agencies. The needs presented range from one-time help with eviction prevention to assisting a family struggling with chronic food insecurity, to helping someone transition from a homeless shelter to a stable, independent living situation. The program seeks to alleviate the immediate crisis and assist clients in obtaining the skills and resources to prevent its recurrence.


Health Teens/Healthy Babies $23,000

The objective of the Healthy Teens/Healthy Babies program is to ensure young women enroll in pre-natal care, get mental health support if needed, and raise their infant in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment. The program provides a continuum of evidence-based services that are wrapped around the 32-year-old Lullaby League course. Pregnant adolescents and young women living in the city of Syracuse participate in the Lullaby League four-week birthing and infant care education course, as well as pregnancy case management before and after birth. A support group and parenting course are also available to new mothers and their babies.


Refugee Resettlement Program $46,000

The Refugee Resettlement Program welcomes men, women, and children to the United States when they are forced to flee their own countries because of war, oppression, or persecution. In 2016, the largest resettlement populations were from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, and Somalia. Despite the hardships inherent in the forced migration experience, refugees are extremely motivated people who want to be self-supporting. The Refugee Resettlement Program strives to provide newly arriving refugees with a safe place to start a new life and with the skills and supports necessary to achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment.


Center for Community Alternatives

Onondaga Self-Development $28,000

The Onondaga Self-Development (OSD) program (formerly called Self-Development Reentry) provides workforce development-related services to two populations: (1) young men and women ages 18-30 returning to the community after a period of incarceration at the Onondaga County Correctional Facility (OCCF), so that their community reintegration can be successful and safe; (2) men and women with a criminal history, including those formerly incarcerated, who drop in at CCA’s office looking for employment services. The program objectives are to provide employment readiness assistance, facilitate job placement and job retention, and help participants overcome the formal and informal barriers to successful reentry.


Food Bank of CNY

Retail Partnership Program $40,000

In 2010 the Retail Partnership Program (RPP) was created to acquire fresh produce, meat, and dairy products from local retail stores that would typically go to waste. By doing this we have been able to provide fresh and healthy foods to our partner agencies throughout our eleven county service area on a daily basis who, in turn, directly serve their clients. Within Onondaga County, our collaborations with 25 retail partners have enabled us to distribute 988,615 pounds of food directly to 43 emergency food programs in the county.


Frank H. Hiscock Legal Aid

Civil Legal Assistance Program $45,000

The Civil Legal Assistance Program helps low-income individuals prevent and manage crises and increase independence, safety and security for their families by providing free legal assistance in a wide range of legal matters. Services, including complete representation, advice, brief service and referral, are provided in family law, housing and unemployment matters. Specialized projects provide representation to special populations including victims of domestic violence, non-custodial parents, cancer patients, immigrants and refugees and people facing homelessness due to eviction and foreclosure. Services are provided primarily to Onondaga County residents. The cancer, immigration and foreclosure projects serve multi-county regions in central New York.

Huntington Family Centers

Emergency Services $21,000

Huntington Family Centers, Inc. offers Emergency Services to individuals and families in need of food and clothing while helping them find the resources to reduce future crisis and promote the highest degree of independence. To accomplish this, Huntington Family Centers operates a client choice Food Pantry and a clothing exchange room (The Trading Post) where individuals and families can obtain free clothing and household goods. HFC also serves as a Food Sense site.


InterFaith Works

Community Integration Program $31,500

For over 35 years, the Center for New Americans has provided resettlement and post-resettlement services for refugees. In 2016, we received over 650 refugees from all parts of the world. Many have never lived in urban environments, speak little English and have limited education. These barriers make it hard to navigate social service, educational or medical systems. In the initial resettlement period (90-180 days), clients receive intensive case management services that include: applying for public assistance and Social Security cards; obtaining referrals for medical services; facilitating school enrollment for school-age children; referrals to English as a Second Language classes; and job training and placements for adults. The Community Integration (CI) Program provides access to personalized assistance and crisis intervention services for up to five years after arrival.

Learning Disabilities Association of CNY

Career Pathways $15,000

Career Pathways workforce development service assists clients with learning difficulties who do not qualify for other employment support services. They are often living in poverty due to lack of consistent employment.  Career Pathways will assist in obtaining and maintaining employment.    Most clients will obtain jobs within the city of Syracuse, often in their neighborhood.  Many of these clients will work and live in close proximity to each other, creating neighborhoods with less poverty. Program services include technical as well as soft skills.   Having both of these skill sets makes someone better able to succeed in the workplace.  After obtaining and maintaining employment, clients will be better able to financially stabilize themselves and their families.



EITC: You’ve Earned It $65,000

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is one of the several tax credits that individuals can access that may increase their available financial resources. EITC: You’ve Earned IT!, PEACE, Inc. free tax preparation program for lower income Onondaga County residents, ensures people receive the highest possible state and federal income tax refunds, and saves them from losing funds to high interest rates from predatory lenders and/or tax preparation fees. The program also offers financial education to help people manage their money and plan for the future.


Rescue Mission

Food Service Center $31,000

The Rescue Mission Food Service Center in Syracuse serves a fully prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the year to men, women and children who might otherwise go hungry. The center serves men and women experiencing homelessness as well as individuals and families who have housing but are food insecure.


Salvation Army

Barnabas Residential $28,000

Barnabas Residential provides emergency shelter, transitional housing and rental assistance for runaway and homeless youth and young adults, ages 16-24 years old.  Services for youth are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  In addition to these unique housing components, Barnabas Residential offers case management, independent living skills, employment readiness activities, leadership preparation, community/volunteer service and recreation.  Barnabas Residential is certified by the NYS Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS). Barnabas Residential has three distinctly different types of housing programs for transitional age youth, capable of meeting the “readiness” level of any youth accessing services: Emergency Shelter, Transitional Apartments, and Rapid Rehousing Rental Assistance.


Booth House $44,000

Booth House is an emergency shelter and respite program for runaway, homeless and high-risk youth, ages 12-17 years old.  The program provides more than 200 youth each year with immediate housing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  In addition to emergency housing, Booth House offers a variety of crisis services including an alternative to juvenile justice detention, planned respite, family mediation, case management, homebound schooling, living skills and recreation activities.  Booth House is certified by the NYS Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS).  Located in the City of Syracuse on Midland Avenue, Booth House is a large, comfortable 15-bed home situated in a residential neighborhood.


Emergency & Practical Assistance Services (E/PAS) $41,000

The Emergency and Practical Assistance Services (E/PAS) program helps economically disadvantaged individuals and families in crisis by meeting basic needs such as obtaining food, housing, clothing and the essentials of daily living. Crisis intervention, individualized advocacy and support, and linkages to mainstream and community resources are provided in order to stabilize housing and income. E/PAS provides housing location, housing subsidies, practical assistance, transportation, household management and other life-skill training for those who are homeless, unemployed, under-employed, mentally ill and/or prior members of the armed forces.


Emergency Family Shelter $80,000

The Salvation Army Emergency Family Shelter provides temporary emergency housing to homeless families of any configuration including extended families, caregiver-lead families, single men with children, families with adolescent male children and single pregnant women. Crisis counseling, comprehensive social work services to families in shelter as well as families temporarily housed in a hotel and linkages to mainstream and community resources are provided to help families secure and maintain permanent housing.


Women’s Shelter $16,000

The Salvation Army Women’s Shelter is a fifteen bed shelter for homeless, single women with at least one serious and persistent mental health diagnosis, often with co-occurring substance use disorders. Currently there is a two bedroom transitional apartment which functions as a semi-independent setting for clients waiting for permanent housing. The shelter meets all basic needs, provides intensive case management services and conducts various assessments including mental health and housing vulnerability (needs) assessments to assist in making referrals to appropriate independent or supportive housing. In addition to housing, referrals and linkages are provided for needed services such as inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment, aftercare coordination, and financial resources. In January of 2018, the Women’s Shelter will relocate to a new facility. This is being developed in partnership with Housing Visions and will be a fully accessible shelter with 15 beds and an additional 16 Permanent Supportive Apartments on the upper 3 floors. The addition of the apartments will allow women who need a supported living environment to experience the benefit of 24 hour staff support and case management as they transition from homelessness to permanent housing.


Samaritan Center

Hot Meals Program $42,000

Samaritan Center serves hot, nutritious meals 365 days a year to anyone in need without questions, judgment or preconditions. The Hot Meals Program is specifically designed to combat hunger, alleviate social isolation and provide a platform for case management, education and information/referral services while offering opportunities for a broad base of community volunteers. A hot breakfast meal is offered five days per week, serving on average 150 meals per day. Our dinner meal is offered seven days a week, serving on average 215 meals per day. The Samaritan Center has seen a steady growth in the number of guests and the number of meals served each day with over 119,000 meals served in the fiscal year 2015-2016.


Syracuse Northeast Community Center

Basic Needs Program $22,000

SNCC’s Basic Needs program stabilizes the home economic foundations of our clients against the destructive effects of generational poverty and acute crisis. It does so through the logic model of providing immediate food and basic assistance strengthened by comprehensive referral and case management services tailored to prevent crises from reoccurring. Clients come to our pantry because they are facing dire material insecurities. They also come when they have urgent household problems they cannot solve alone. Therefore, we pair food outputs with access to agency and community resources to create a one-stop shop for resolving immediate needs and enhancing future-oriented stability.


Vera House

Advocacy Program $75,000

The Advocacy Program provides comprehensive trauma informed empowerment based support services to victims of domestic/sexual violence and elder abuse.  Advocates work with the individual to create an individualized safety plan, provide counseling, information and referrals, and education. They assist individuals in navigating the legal, medical, and social service systems.  Face to face crisis intervention is provided wherever it is needed including at doctors’ offices/hospitals, law enforcement agencies, schools/universities, and nursing homes.  Advocates are out-stationed at the District Attorney’s Office, specialized Domestic Violence Courts, and Child Protective Services. A key component of this program is our 24-hour crisis and support line.


Emergency Shelter Program $39,000

The Emergency Shelter Program provides comprehensive, trauma informed empowerment centered support services and shelter to survivors who are fleeing unsafe living situations or are in crisis due to the domestic violence/sexual assault/elder abuse they experienced. The program provides a safe confidential place to stay and assists residents in exploring their goals and needs to ultimately secure safety and stability when transitioning from shelter to a new home. Shelter residents receive support and assistance with their identified goals, including specific education to put their domestic violence/sexual assault/elder abuse experiences in context. The program also provides case management and educational support groups.


Welch Terrace

Services Coordination $12,500

Welch Terrace as a supportive housing program provides the wrap-around care of a Services Coordinator on-site for the residents of a 23 unit single-bedroom apartment building. To qualify as a tenant, persons are low-income and have one or more HIV-related disabilities. While the program is independent living, Welch Terrace fosters a community of caring among residents who are empowered to address education deficits, chronic mental health needs, substance abuse as well as complex medical concerns. High quality standards are met for the physical property and program to offer a comfortable and secure environment for personal safety and stability.



Women’s Residence Program $52,000

The Women’s Residence Program is a residential program that provides supportive housing and case management to underserved single and parenting women. Many of our clients come from various backgrounds that include domestic violence, mental health, homelessness, substance abuse, poverty, low educational levels, and have suffered various traumas. We provide safe, stable, and affordable housing within a structured and supportive environment. The program assists women in developing independent living skills, allowing them to overcome challenges, function at their highest degree of independence, and better their quality of life within a safe space.